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Parent Agreement

As evidenced by your signature, you agree to the rules listed below as a condition of your child’s Just Us

Swim Kids swimming lessons.

a) Safety before and after lessons is your responsibility. J u s t U s Swim Kids and the i nstruc to r

assume NO responsibility for the safety of your children, your visitors or you. Watch your children

and remember you enter the Just Us Swim Kids Swim School at your own risk. It is your responsibility to

inform your visitors of all rules.

b) Lessons are either four (4) or two (2) days a week or once or twice per week for group lessons (Monday

through Saturday). Please remember that you are paying for a time slot, not for individual lessons. You

will be charged for any missed lessons since that time slot is reserved for your child. If you know your

child will miss a lesson, please call Just Us Swim Kids no later than 8am the morning of the lesson to be

missed. If we have to cancel a lesson for some reason, we will arrange a make-up lesson.

c) Please have your child ready for their scheduled lesson at least 10 minutes in advance. If you are late, we

will do our best to fit your child in whenever possible, but realize that your child may have a shortened


d) For safety reasons, please sit your child on the pool edge and hold onto him until the instructor takes

him/her into the pool. At the conclusion of the lesson, the instructor will swim your child to the wall or to the

steps, please be ready with a towel and to walk your child from the pool; this is to avoid an accident on the

pool deck. Before and after lessons, your child is your responsibility.

e) It is critical to bring a positive attitude to each lesson. We can teach your child skills, but it is your

support that will most affect h i s / her attitude and progress. We have observed that children do much

better when parents are involved and cheer as they acquire and develop new skills. We cannot over

emphasize the importance of your support.

f) It is also important to know the appropriate time to clap and cheer. Sometimes what the instructor is

looking for during lessons is different from what might look good to you. If we work together and show

approval for the same things, it will help your child feel successful and increase her chances of correct

swimming behavior.

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