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Invest in your child's safety and your peace of mind. Just Us Swim Kids can teach your child this life saving aquatic skill.


SFS Private Lessons


Our SFS programs , is a program that teaches infants younger than 1 years to hold their breath underwater, to float on their backs and how to rotate from a face-down position to a face-up back float. Children who are walking learn to hold their breath underwater, propel for a short distance, roll over and float on their backs to breathe, then flop back on their bellies and swim again SWIM FLOAT SURVIVE. The age range for this program is 6 mo. to 9 years


Just Me and You

For ages up to 24 months old. Swimmers are taught with a parent in the water guided by an instructor. Our goal is to teach the parent how to build a positive relationship between the child, parent, teacher and most importantly the water.

ASD/Angel Fish

Swimming lessons are a valuable and important key in keeping all kids safe from drowning; however it’s especially vital for children with autism to learn how to swim. Swimming can help an autistic child improve their speech, strengthen their bodies, reduce anxiety, aid in self-esteem, and most importantly KEEP THEM SAFE! 

Watch The JU babies In Action!

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