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Just Me and You

"Discover Joyful Bonding in the Water"

This enchanting aquatic adventure designed for swimmers aged up to 24 months. In this fun-filled class, parents and their little ones dive into the water together, guided by our experienced instructors. Beyond teaching essential water skills, this program focuses on nurturing a positive bond between the child, parent, teacher, and the aquatic environment. It's a unique opportunity to create lasting memories and build water confidence while enjoying quality time with your baby.

Program Details

  • Age Group: Designed for Babies up to 24 Months

  • Program Duration: 5 Session commitment

  • Instructor Guidance: Swimmers are taught with a parent in the water guided by an instructor. 

  • Water Comfort: Teach the parent how to build a positive relationship between the child, parent, teacher and the water.

  • Cost: $175 per Week

  • Location: Buckhead

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