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What is Survival Swimming?

Survival swimming is the ability for a small child to float breathe, swim regardless of the water depth for an indefinite period of time.We will teach your child the most essential survival swim skill, to roll over from a face down position in the water to a face-up back float. Small children cannot raise their heads to take a breath. So if a child falls face down into the water, this skill of rolling onto a face-up back float can save their life. If your baby is walking, then he/she has the ability to learn to swim to the pool edge or steps as well as rolling over to breathe whenever air is needed. Not only do we want your child to be comfortable in the water but our main focus is teaching your child to survive as well as swim in water.

How Long Does The Program Take?

There are many kids that are swimming just after a few lessons. Each lesson is customized according to each individual. We typically require 4 weeks for infants, 6 weeks for toddlers, 4-6 weeks for children 4 and up. After completing the course your child/children will not only be confident in the water but they will also go from being completely helpless to being capable of saving his or her own life in just weeks. 

How do I enroll?

Call Just Us Swim Kids @ 253-226-1045 or email us to arrange lessons, observation, or for any questions you have. Stop by the pool or request registrations forms and pay the non-refundable one time registration fee $80 per child to secure a slot on the schedule

When can we start?

We start new students every Monday, whenever there are openings on the schedule. Once the schedule is full your child will be placed on a waiting list for the next available slot that works in your schedule.

What about group classes?

Once your swimmer has completed our SFS private lessons, we encourage them to join a group class so they may retain, enjoy and continue to develop their skills. If you join a group in the middle of the session you will be charged a pro-rated price according to the remaining classes in that session.

Can we split up the payments?

Yes payments can be split up as long as you pay with credit card or cash. Your payment will automatically be debited from your account in the dollar amount agreed to when registering. Private lessons can be split into 2 payments, half due when registering 2nd half due the beginning of the third week.Group payments can be split into monthly payments. (please call/email for other arrangements). Please note that if the instructor is traveling to you there may be a small traveling fee.

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